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Concealed Hardware – beat the vandals!

Vandal resistant concealed hardware from EMKA for outdoor enclosures

The needs of telecommunications pillars, energy distribution cabs, electronic equipment housings and outdoor monitoring/control stations to name just a few, call for new thinking – which we can provide in the form of concealed systems with up to IP65 protection and a high level of resistance to vandalism.

This range of concealed hardware includes completely invisible mounting of all catches and hinge components so removing all directly visible points of attack. Active opening and closing is achieved by electro-mechanical operation. When opening the door swings softly out. When closing it moves to the framework and is pulled automatically into the locking device position utilising electro-mechanical locking. The concealed catch is ideal for limited space conditions. Retrofitting is possible and is not restricted by the type of enclosure.

This, coupled with identification and monitoring, e.g. by GSM, transponder system or control station as part of an ELM security installation, offers locking, protection, monitoring and alarm functions.

Where concealment is not a priority then traditional ¼ turn or swinghandle solutions include low profile features in stainless steel, suited to thicker doors and capable of installation with rod locks if appropriate. Internal hinges are also available from the standard EMKA program.