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Home A new look at 19″ Rack access

A new look at 19″ Rack access

19" rack access control from EMKA

Here at EMKA the security of a 19” electronic rack starts with the simple things like locks, handles, hinges, sealing and extends to our comprehensive ELM electronic access and monitoring control system.

Specific requirements for 19” racks are generally met with ¼ turn locks and compact or slimline swinghandles with rod lock capability, coupled with space and cost saving pin hinges, with simple gasket sections to control ingress, including air flow. Explains Andy Billingham: “Our mix of aesthetic design with excellent functionality is ideally suited to the electronics industry where zone locking requirements can be met by a traditional multi-key approach – or increasingly by keyless locking/unlocking with radio keys – like our Agent E – or networked and web connectable systems like our ELM electronic access and environmental monitoring and control system.”

The ELM system can integrate externally with end user networks and internally with the cabinet power and sensors such as temperature/humidity or acceleration for monitoring vandalism. Online access gives the possibility of even wider connectivity including central power monitoring and on/off control for server reboot etc.