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Home 1000 program ¼ turn locks to IP65

1000 program ¼ turn locks to IP65

Emka 1000 Program 1/4 turn locks

Our 1000 series of ¼ turn insert locks has been a core locking system for electrical/electronic enclosures and cabinets in Europe for over 40 years, and is often regarded as a major advance in design, typified by their common housing section, so enabling rapid installation via single hole fixing, using a standard “EMKA 20mm” square cut-out. We are pleased that this series now consolidates many long term technical developments and a large number of variant types such that it is probably the most comprehensive modular locking system available to specialist panel builders. The 1000 series offers protection levels against dust and water of IP65 and IP54 for applications ranging across steel/GRP/plastic/multi-layer enclosures, cabinets, lockers, machine guards, access panels, covers, roadside cabinets, industrial desking, workstations and secure waste containers.

The 1000 ¼ turn series features a substantial range of different lock inserts including: triangle, square, double bit, and key type. Key lockable options include barrel locks, wing handles, T & L handles as well as a Key captive version. Tamper and vibration proof specifications are met by an unusual “safety” variant with a number of insert options. Special inserts may be provided throughout the range to suit custom requirements with standard housings in a variety of lengths to suit material thicknesses or door depths. Many locks permit padlock operation and there are also a number for high-security applications or to suit specific key requirements, e.g. special automotive and railway applications where ASSA and KABA standards are specified. An exceptional selection of standard cams is a significant feature of this program – which combined with various housing lengths can offer standard configurations to suit applications up to 92mm long. Additionally special cams are possible as are custom designs to customer specification.

Ongoing development over 40+ years has ensured that these simple ¼ turn locks are suited to many situations – with finishes to suit outdoor or hazardous environments, e.g. stainless-steel for salt spray, polyamide for wet environments and for wash down areas. In addition all key barrels have front plates in stainless-steel and are shuttered to reduce ingress of dust and water.

While originally introduced to offer a single point locking solution, multi-point locking has also been introduced in the 1000 program to enable 2-point or 3-point closure using heavy-duty latches and cam operated rods. Other developments include powder coating in custom colours and the addition of customer logos on certain housings.