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Green production at EMKA

EMKA' summer "green" credentials

The general protection of the environment and the conscious use of natural resources is part of our fundamental business philosophy here at EMKA. The continuous execution of planning and implementation of the production flow, as well as technical changes to the building, are all visible consequences of this environmental awareness. This approach has resulted in the regular issuing of certification according to the international environmental management standard (DIN ISO 14001) by Germanischer Lloyd since January 2007.

The main features of this program are:

  • Solar energy plant on the roof top for water heating in the communal rooms
  • Closed coolant circulation in the plastic manufacturing
  • Reprocessing of water for the production process in zinc die casting manufacturing
  • Modernisation of the complete heating system. Individual parts of the production or office buildings can be heated by central programmable control technology
  • Further energy savings can be achieved with temperature reduction at night time and at the weekend