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Window rubber profiles suit specialist panels and specialist vehicles

EMKA window gasket profiles

EMKA offer effective ex-stock gasket solutions for glazing of inspection panels on equipment and windows on vehicles.

Based on traditional well proven designs, these EPDM glazing profiles come in an “H” section clamping style with separate locking strip to ensure a secure fixing of glass/acrylic/polycarbonate/aluminium, or similar panels of up to 6mm thickness in up to 2.5mm doors.

Alternative “Z” section profiles in EPDM and NBR provide an offset installation where the window may be arranged to protrude from the door or otherwise inset into it. This offset enables small additional clearance to be achieved if required and offers a rapid fixing of glazing panels up to 6mm thick. It also has the benefit of added impact resistance on machines as the glazing is larger than the opening thus offering greater protection for the operator.