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Vehicle Locking Solutions – New Catalogue

Single point electronic latch for specialist vehicles from EMKA UK

Our approach to locking of specialist vehicle and infrastructure control cabinets covers both equipment access panels and personnel/passenger access doors. We believe these systems are of value to engineers involved in manufacture of road and rail transport vehicles themselves, and the associated infrastructure control cabinets where remote access is required.

The EMKA vehicle system features both Bowden cable and electronic actuation possibilities, linked to a remote locking handle or radio key. This may be coupled to a single point or rotary latch lock and appropriate door handle mechanism. Mechanically, this is controlled by multiple Bowden cables; electronically by radio with electronic lock-out actuators using either 12v or 24v. For small panels the electro-mechanical flap lock is available.

The Vehicle Locking Solutions catalogue can be downloaded at www.emkablog.co.uk/road&railcatalogue