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Test Laboratory upgrade

Saltspray testing equipment at EMKA

In house accredited testing is vital to our custom and standard product development programs – it underpins quality throughout the creation cycle – so we are delighted that our newly relocated and expanded laboratory has recently been upgraded with new equipment.

This upgrade allows an even stronger focus on customer applications, i.e. to define product requirements in direct discussion with the customer and to test the product hand in hand with the EMKA Design Department.

Saltspray test chamber at EMKA

The aim is to offer a wider range of tests since nowadays the requirements for quality and reliability are constantly increasing. This is achieved by upgrading the laboratory equipment: A new, state-of-the-art salt spray testing facility was integrated into the new premises. A new test procedure from the field of environmental simulation, a vibration test facility, will also be added shortly. This procedure is used to test the resistance of products in the installed state and during transport to prevent shock and vibration stresses. Test parameters for railroad applications can also be examined. Last but not least, the test range of the durability test is also extended.