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Swinghandles for all industrial uses

Most comprehensive swinghandle system from EMKA for cabinets large or small

Our swinghandle range extends over 9 different product series and many variants of each to ensure that customers can find exactly what they need in sealing levels and handle format to suit the specific application envisaged.

Swinghandles were an EMKA development as a simple practical way to provide secure access control with minimal protrusion from the door – so offering the safety benefits of a clean installation which does not snag on clothes as well as the leverage required to operate a normal multi-point rod lock mechanism for larger cabinets.

Over the years since we originally developed this design we have incorporated the full range of cylinder locks, railway and automotive locks, insert locks, multiple lock configurations, as well as digital lock and padlock provisions.

Typically most industrial applications call for a glass reinforced polyamide escutcheon and handle for their excellent strength and corrosion resistance, coupled with good IP sealing at low cost. Where greater rigidity is desired then traditional zinc die versions are offered and for ultimate strength/corrosion resistance then stainless steel is usually the answer.