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Home Swinghandle locking solutions for Switch and Control cabinets

Swinghandle locking solutions for Switch and Control cabinets

EMKA Swinghandle locking solutions

We are pleased to offer a wide range of market-leading Swinghandle designs that feature a safe rest position with leverage comparable to an L handle, but without the protrusion where people and clothing may get caught. This is important in often busy and crowded industrial environments, where protruding handles might otherwise present a safety hazard. Their low profile also provides a smoother surface when in transit, where L and T handles can damage adjacent cabinets or may need on-site installation – a swinghandle design resolves all these problems.

Swinghandles are typically modular, with many variants to accommodate key cylinders, insert keys, multiple key cylinders and padlocks. They can be installed with multi-point rod locking systems and options include electronic locking, digital PIN locking, swipe cards and Biometric locking at the cabinet door.

Swinghandles offer an intrinsic level of vandal resistance by virtue of the pop-out handle being recessed within its housing – a layout which enables some variants to meet the RC2 vandal resistance standard for outdoor street cabinets. This recessed layout further enables sealing against ingress of dust and water from IP40 to IP66 across the range.  Material options include zinc die, polyamide and stainless steel.