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Strength in use – Stainless Swinghandle

Andy Billingham MD told us recently: “Swinghandles are great aren’t they? We all love them and think that EMKA did a great job when they introduced this convenient new system. However, there has been a problem obtaining those benefits in a swinghandle built for potentially abusive environments, vandal vulnerable roadside cabinets and agressively corrosive situations. Now we have changed all that with the Program 1121 stainless steel swinghandle.

EMKA 1121 stainless steel swinghandle
Says Andy “the 1121 program is produced in AISI 316 and offers the strength of stainless steel with the flexibility of the EMKA system. This ensures that the 1121 accepts all standard EMKA lock profiles, keylocks and insert locks, as well as offering a padlockable varient.”

Additional features of the stainless 1121 include full compatibility with all EMKA standard internal rod lock systems – thus enabling single point, 3 point and multi-point door closure – all based on the standard 25mm x 50mm twin hole cut out.