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Home Stainless steel series locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles

Stainless steel series locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles

EMKA stainless steel series locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles

The present lockdown and its associated lifting to enable a recovery phase is reflected in an increased need for stainless steel hardware such as our ex-stock locks, handles, hinges and swinghandles. These are required for new and upgrade installations of air conditioning plant, offshore controls, food processing and other washdown areas where enclosures or cabinets call for “everything but the enclosure” and especially in stainless steel where IP ratings of IP40, 65,66 and IP69 are available.

The EMKA program of stainless steel hardware includes standard quarter turn locks and latches as well as compression latches, special hygiene rated quarter turns are an important feature of the range together with padlockable handles. The program includes traditional L and T styles as well as the now common swinghandle design which are matched with stainless steel roller ended rod mechanisms to facilitate multiple closure locking points on large free standing or suited cabinets. Hinges in stainless steel offer robust, corrosion resistant service on prominent or flush doors and are matched with bridge handles and door controls in the form of telescopic stay or door stop.