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Home Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware – ever more popular

Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware – ever more popular

EMKA Stainless steel program

Variety – they say – is the spice of life and in our industry generally we are used to evolution and gradual development – so it is interesting to notice when a significant trend is growing. One such trend is that we are finding continually increasing need for stainless steel locks, handles, swinghandles and hinges and sometimes really quite special requirements – like a recent specification of AISI 316 handles with silicone gasket and seals for high temperatures and IP66 protection – all well within our capabilities.

Stainless steel industrial cabinet hardware is an area that we have found a particular focus in the UK for many years so our engineers have built up an excellent technical base and we now have a wide standard product portfolio as well as a strong custom capability in these materials.

If you can’t find what you need then do call us – we thrive on responding to customer demands!