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Home Specialist swinghandles, lifthandles and escutcheons for specialist panels

Specialist swinghandles, lifthandles and escutcheons for specialist panels

Swinghandles, lifthandles, escutcheons from EMKA

Specialist cabinet and enclosure panel builders are frequently in the position of asking “which locking system should I use?” Well as market leaders here at EMKA we have accumulated an extensive portfolio of modular design swinghandles, lifthandles and escutcheons for enclosures, cabinets, access panels and general industrial use to make life easier for specialist panel builders.

With over 30 designs in our 1100, 1200, 1300, 2000 and 3000 series we have all the options covered from IP40 to IP65 and in sizes from small (finger operated) up to large – full hand operation with substantial torque capability for closure of multi-point systems on large doors with significant gasket pull down.

There are a number of variants with electronic locks, remote locking and combination digit manual locks in-built to specific handles, which enable the specialist panel builder or installer to choose a suitable locking handle and internal cam + rods configuration.

Dual locking versions enable 2 person opening with either 2 separate keys or key + manual combination, whereas electronic locking of course permits key fob radio operation or remote unlocking via networked computer managed control.

Standard industry cut-outs are employed to ensure accurate and robust fitment quickly and without incurring extensive labour costs.