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Smart Access with Mobile phone app

Smart Access with Mobile phone app

Smart security on the move with a mobile phone – we explained recently that our new “EMKA mobile” app, transforms a smartphone into a digital key for sophisticated and secure locking of cabinets and enclosures in the industrial/digital sphere and wider environments. This app will enable users to trace, manage, and access allocated handles with various levels of permission determined by specified user profiles.  “EMKA mobile” secures flexible personalised access and once again supplements the range of access options available through the EMKA family of ingenious technologies.

As the amount of data continues to increase, control and telecommunication cabinets are essential components of our infrastructure. Ensuring only authorised personnel have access to this data and making modifications regularly is essential. In order to provide authorised personnel with digital access control, we have developed a solution that uses a smartphone application to unlock the handle. At this point, the app is compatible with the “Agent E-BLE” swinghandle. The communication between the app and the handle is based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).

Secure and convenient personalised access to the Agent-E handle has been achieved using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology so that now, this new intuitive smartphone app provides a convenient way to operate the handle locking mechanism. Other locking solutions such as the single-point locking and the outdoor swinghandle of the 1317 series can also be opened via the app. Upon successful registration, the “handle owner” will grant the user permission to use the app and in order to ensure continuing security, the user’s identity is checked again each time before the handle is opened. Depending on the smartphone manufacturer, this may require entering a pin, activating a fingerprint sensor, or facial recognition. In the next step – depending on the authorisation level – a list of approved locks that are within range of the BLE signal is available. Subsequently, the user selects the lock they want to open. The “handle owner” can grant or revoke authorisations at any time. Access is further restricted by using a predetermined time frame.

After undergoing a predetermined testing phase, the new app has been put into use by a producer of transport boxes that are fitted with the EMKA single-point locking system. Merging the function of advanced locking technology and a user-friendly smartphone app created a comprehensive, intelligent solution. The development team pointed out that they have designed this system specifically for business customers, OEMs and installers, who are aiming to improve their security technology, or offer their clients fresh, innovative locking options.

With this app, each user’s smartphone becomes a digital key that is always available to operate locks in remote or otherwise vulnerable locations. Details can be accessed at the company’s website: