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Slide shoe for cams

EMKA slide shoe for cam

Our new slide shoe for all common steel and stainless steel cams protects the cabinet or enclosure frame from damage caused by steel-to-steel contact of cam to frame, where it offers the following benefits:

  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly on all common cams (steel / stainless steel)
  • The slide shoe prevents scratches on the cabinet, therefore no paint or material abrasion
  • Improved closing behavior and lower closing torque due to its good sliding characteristics

EMKA slide shoe for cam fitmentThe slide shoe is easily attachable to all common steel and stainless steel cams. Please note: The shoe increases the height dimension (H) of the cam by 2 mm. A similar result can be achieved by using the ramp 1000-U858 (Online catalogue page 1C-170).

See our Online catalogue page 1C-135