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Simple Lock Systems Address Data Security Regulations

Simple data security hardware solutions from EMKA UK

As the “Everything but the enclosure” company we have a strong portfolio of cabinet locking options for data storage and processing cabinets. While there has been much recent attention on the high end networking and biometric aspects, it may easily be forgotten that even non-sensitive data is covered by the need for an appropriate level of security.

It is worth remembering that our standard key operated 1150 program swinghandle is often suitable for such simple access control in corporate data centres and co-location centres where any relevant standalone or suite of cabinets may be fitted with “all the same key”, e.g. type 333 or key different but alike, e.g. 723, or keyed all different but within a specific range, with master key option. The 1150 series is also suited to retro-fit situations since it uses industry standard cut outs, and barrels which may be changed to upgrade existing installations.