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Home Screen hinges needed in quantity and quick!

Screen hinges needed in quantity and quick!

Supermarket screens with EMKA hinges

Compliance with hygiene measures has been a top priority in the Corona pandemic – especially in the retail sector, where flexible hygiene protective walls have been protecting customers and employees in the checkout area since the beginning of the pandemic.

So when 200,000 hinges were needed urgently to secure hygienic protective walls for cash desks EMKA were geared up to support our customer with detachable 180° screw-on hinges.

The main requirement was for easy disassembly of the system. On the one hand, the hinges should securely connect the individual segments of the acrylic glass hygienic protection walls, on the other hand, they should be easy to unhinge – if possible, also by the cashier – for example in a low-infection period such as summer. The detachable 180° screw-on hinges 1056-U55 and 1056-U56, consisting of two hinge halves in die-cast zinc, a black polyamide disk and a hinge pin made of stainless steel, were selected.

A total of 14 hinges per hygiene protection wall are now used at each checkout unit. They ensure that the system is extremely easy to disassemble and that employees can quickly detach individual segments if necessary.