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Home Safe locking for outdoor cabinets – an EMKA solution

Safe locking for outdoor cabinets – an EMKA solution

EMKA electronic locking for Tecnolimit roadside cabinets

EMKA help Tecnolimit make roadside data traffic safe in the Netherlands – 

The necessary infrastructure for high speed fibre based internet across Holland has long been under construction and flows into several hundred telecommunications enclosures, which are distributed all over the country along the roadside. The Dutch company Tecnolimit from Heusden is responsible for design, assembly and installation.

Their specification was that first, the handle should be mechanically robust, then secondly that the closures should be electronically monitored with an alarm received in the respective control centre in case of an unauthorised opening.

The schedule for this entire project was extremely tight so that our design and production engineers had only a few months to optimise and manufacture the swivel handle, based on these requirements. However, the process functioned smoothly, so that the installation of the circa 500 control cabinets with approximately 1500 EMKA swivel handles could be started by Tecnolimit. The goal is to have all enclosures installed by 2021 all across the Netherlands. Read the whole story here