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Home Rod lock control system is smoother and quicker

Rod lock control system is smoother and quicker

1121 Precision Rod Locking System from EMKA UK

Rod locking systems are vital to users of large specialist cabinets and their development tends to occur in evolutionary steps – so it is great news that we have been able to bring together so many new features in our recent launch, making installation and operation both smoother and quicker.

The system comprises a complete rod locking solution based around the stylish new 1325 Swinghandle paired with the 1121 precision rod control module which provides stabilised rack and pinion activation for smooth precise feel and longevity. These are mated to industry standard 14x3mm flat rods by simple clip-in mechanism – they are also then located by clip-in rod guides and are installed with clip-fix roller end shoe for positive gasket pull down.

The move to high grade engineering plastics has reduced the energy of production and recycling while conveying benefits in accuracy of fit, quietness and ease of installation – also reducing cost but retaining similar strength characteristics to metal mechanisms.

By introducing the new 1325 swinghandle along with the control rod package, we have brought through the option for on-site retrofit of round key cylinders, standard inserts and profile half cylinders.

In the rod activator itself our engineers have cleverly blended compatible materials to best effect; using long strand glass reinforced polyamide for strength, coupled with a mix of Grilon with PA6 for the rack plus Grivory for the gear wheel, they have managed to achieve very low friction with exceptional wear characteristics.

These flat rod multi-point locking systems offer a number of advantages for larger cabinets enhanced by clip-in guides which offer easy tool-free mounting, high grip forces, smooth rattle-free operation and easy dismantling (to suit industry standard 3mm x 14mm rods).

 1121 rod guides feature an ingenious moulded-in mechanism which enables the flat rod to be clicked into place and then the complete assembly simply pushed onto a standard M6 weld stud to positively lock in place without tools. For disassembly the rod may be easily unclipped and the guide unscrewed by hand.