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Quarter-Turns – simple latches through to keylocks requiring just a quarter-turn to operate

EMKA quarter-turns - simple latches through to keylocks requiring just a quarter-turn to operate

EMKA ex-stock quarter-turns are quick to fit and quick to operate latch locks which suit factory to office, computer room to laboratory where quarter-turns are a simple and low-cost latching and locking system – some with spring clip fixing, others with back nut and an increasing focus on push/clip fit or other ultra-quick fit designs such as the EMKA 1022. So useful is the quarter turn concept that new sizes, styles and specialist designs are constantly being brought forward in materials such as hi-tech plastic, zinc die or stainless steel to suit new applications and more varied environments. Sizes vary from mini locks, generally for use on very small enclosures – even boxes – up to medium and large which may be employed on larger enclosures or cabinets. Where a single point closure is insufficient, then two quarter-turns are frequently installed.

Where dual fitment is not appropriate then quarter-turns can be integrated into a multi-point rod locking system for medium-sized enclosures or free standing cabinets. The range also incorporates additional leverage, e.g. in a wing knob or lever design.

Quarter-turns are the ubiquitous door closing workhorse of the enclosure world frequently offering IP65 degrees of sealing – a favourite is the insert lock with a triangular, square or double bar format or one of many others, which offers a variable degree or security dependent on the key design, with good leverage where the key doubles as a handle.

Otherwise the traditional quarter-turn layout is common in T handles and L handles which may or may not include a cylinder key lock for normal levels of security on medium to large enclosures/cabinets – also for access to machine protective cabins etc. Modular quarter-turns from EMKA have been a major benefit to panel builders as they are available with matching cams of varying offset and usually with different body lengths, so enabling a considerable range of door/frame depth to be accommodated.

Often loosely categorised under quarter-turns are many compression latch/locks which are based on the same body pattern. Strictly they latch with a quarter-turn and then compress the gasket with an additional 90 degree turn., but offer a greatly enhanced level of sealing and vibration resistance eg in stainless steel for pressure washed hygiene areas.