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Quarter Turn Locks to IP66 Levels

EMKA IP66 sealing kit for 1000 series quarter turn locks

Our well proven 1000 series quarter turn locks features a very significant upgrade which enables an improved level of sealing. Customers may order an IP66 option, with the result that panel builders can readily achieve higher sealing specification for completed cabinets, which is demanded for food processing industries and outdoor environments where high levels of sealing are required to meet safety considerations so as to protect against driving rain and hosing-down with power washers.

This sealing upgrade is achieved by use of additional internal “O” rings and a door mounting seal which ensure ease of operation, as well as improving sealing. The IP66 upgrade may also be used either as a retrofit installation or in production by specialist builders who may chose to carry the standard IP65 lock type for general use and then to specify the IP66 kit for hasher environments. This can greatly simplify all levels of the stocking and fitting process.

The popular 1000 series of quarter turn locks has an extensive range of insert locks to suit, from triangular, double-bit, square, hexagonal, slotted, crown to hex with centre pin, and other specialist types for rail, automotive and to complement Eastern European specifications. In particular the 1000 series quarter turn locks are extremely easy to assemble – since they use a single door cut out, the assembled lock may be readily inserted from the front of the cabinet and the locking nut slid over to complete installation in two easy steps.

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