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Home Quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders

Quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders

EMKA Quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders

The team here at EMKA explained recently that our expanding program of quarter turn locks and latches are very much targeted toward specialist panel and vehicle builders where rugged high performance is required – a good example being use on railway panels both lineside and on rolling stock, many of which are also required to include a visual indication of open/closed status. Other industrial sectors include specialist vehicles and food/pharmaceutical processing.

Many quarter turn cylinder locks feature shrouded key holes, and other versions come with an additional external cover to prevent ingress of dirt and water to the lock itself e.g., for heavy water spray or washdown areas. This applies also to hygiene locks which are required to meet the requirements of EHEDG and the FDA – these are special stainless steel designs with a high level of surface finish and no visible external bacteria traps. Additionally, they incorporate special blue silicone gasket to ensure hygienic sealing and to clearly demonstrate compliance.

Other special EMKA locks include those for floor panels in areas of heavy footfall or areas associated with transition of dirty footwear, e.g. railway carriages, also horse boxes where it is imperative to keep dirt out of the lock mechanism while retaining the ability to protect and readily access important underfloor equipment.

Compression locks offer an additional level of sealing and vibration resistance which is especially valued for outdoor applications on rooftops or on exposed vehicles – e.g., gensets where the clamping action supports both the level of IP sealing required and the often-extensive lifetime of exposure. The team also pointed out these factors are important for caravans, motorhomes and trailers – where recessed T handles are frequently chosen, as are specialist compression locks such as the “double red” dual action compression lock, this alerts its status by way of the red marking which is covered when properly clamped and closed.