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Programm 3000 – ePush-Lock – Invisible Electromechanical push locking system

Invisible, comfortable, without handle – a flat design style of locking handle is the trend for mobile homes and many other applications. As an innovation driver, EMKA have developed a new, electronic and invisible electronic ePush Lock for exactly this situation.

EMKA ePush-Lock invisible locking system

EMKA ePush-Lock mechanism The user simply opens and closes the door or flap by pressing the outside flap. The flap opens automatically without further manual intervention and fits perfectly into the exterior design of any caravan, specialist vehicle or office cabinet – without visible cut outs or corresponding dirt traps. The lock is screwed and mounted behind the flap, so there is no need to interrupt the outer seal and the integrated electronics enable integration into the central locking system. An emergency opening is also incorporated.