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Home Program 1000 Blanking plug for unused lock holes

Program 1000 Blanking plug for unused lock holes

EMKA blanking plug for unused lock holes

This enhancement of our standard program 1000 accessories can be used where a lock or handle has been removed and a different locking system installed – this item will seal the unused hole to original specification with an attractive and matching finish. It provides:

  • Blanking plug for cut outs not used anymore
  • Screw-on version with flat seal to achieve IP 65
  • Clip-in version for quick assembly to achieve IP 50

Applications and variations:
The blanking plug, made of zinc die, is designed to cover cut outs that are not used anymore.Two additional versions made of polyamide and with an internal plug complete this solution that now enhanced our standard catalogue program. The polyamide versions can either be screwed in or clipped-in for quick assembly.

EMKA blanking plugEMKA blanking plug EMKA blanking plug

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