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We are delighted to offer a new product service that is expected not only to make life easier for specialist panel builders and vehicle outfitters, but also to raise the quality of sealing. In addition to some 500 gasket profiles EMKA can now provide pre-assembled gasket rings and frames which not only remove manual trimming errors but also include fully sealed ends and corners.

Pre-assembled gasket - rings and frames

Standard shapes include butt joins and right angle joins enabling rings and frames as well as combinations to be produced in steel inserted profiles which are a combination of an edge protector with bonded sponge rubber sealing section. Assembly is very simple by pushing or knocking onto a flange.

We know that proper sealing of ends and corners is essential to maintaining full sealing performance of a gasket profile. This eliminates problems of “cutting short” which leaves a gap in the installed gasket strip and addresses the problem of sealing into a square corner – otherwise often achieved by running the gasket round and creasing the material or by cutting and not adequately sealing.

Pre-assembled gasket is ideal for rapid application to door frames or apertures such as skylights, vents, access panels in electrical/electronic cabinets or enclosures – also for vehicle OEMs for car, truck and coach doors, as well as for caravans, railway coaches and specialist vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks.