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Home New Stainless Steel Hinges meet the needs of Specialist Panel Builders

New Stainless Steel Hinges meet the needs of Specialist Panel Builders

Stainless steel hinges from EMKA UK for enclosures and cabinets

We have once again responded to customer needs with four new stainless steel hinge types as described in the ECHO catalogue supplement for 2013. The 1056 in AISI 316 is a 180° screw on hinge for stand-alone control, electrical, electronic or telecoms cabinets – intended for use in harsh and adverse environments such as offshore or in heavy washdown areas in food processing or chemical/pharmaceutical production areas. Ideally coupled with stainless steel fabricated housings, the 1056 provides a rugged solution for lay on doors.

The companion 1110 180° hinge in AISI 316 is a pin retained design also for lay on doors where it fits an edge cutout. The pin is concealed for security but quickly extracted for easy door removal.

Internally mounted stainless steel hinging is provided by the 1031 where two types are available in AISI 304 suited to lay on door types. The 1031-U14 is a 115° hinge for 26mm door returns and offers two integral pins with a quick withdrawal mechanism. It sister version – the 1031-U15 is a 135° hinge for 24mm door returns featuring a single retained pin. Both types are screw fixed to the enclosure frame with welded on door components.

The EMKA ECHO catalogue supplement may be downloaded from our website.