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Home New stainless steel compression latch variant for hygiene areas and improved security

New stainless steel compression latch variant for hygiene areas and improved security

EMKA hygiene compression latch

EMKA stainless steel hygiene compression latches now come with both rounded/double flat key insert and a new triangular key insert latch for improved security, which makes this quarter turn program for hygienic areas more secure against unauthorised access. The compression latch program meets hygiene standard DIN EN 1672- and DIN EN 14159 to protection level IP 65 with gaskets that meet the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and VO 1395/2004.

It is notable that the compression design of these latches offers tamper and vibration resistance for most industrial installations and brings together two well-known factors – the well understood benefits of stainless steel, and the proven design/engineering technologies of EMKA, in our range of specialist latches and locks for industrial cabinets and enclosures.

This technical expertise enables the corrosion-resistance and ultimate strength of stainless steel to be developed into the robust longevity of these locking products which therefore enable engineers to “fit-and-forget” confident that designed-for-purpose high quality designs mean that these products save time and replacements costs over their lifetime of service in hygiene, corrosion and washdown areas.

The stainless steel locks and latches program includes quarter-turns, hygiene/wash-down locks, conventional L and T handles, space-saving swinghandles and rod mechanisms, compression locks, safety locks (vibration proof with built-in cover to exclude dirt), ring handle, wing knobs, padlockable handles and heavy-duty latches.