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New screw-on hinge with no hinge pin necessary

EMKA hinge without a hinge pin

This new product is a clever addition to our hinge portfolio – a screw-on hinge from the 1056 program without a separate hinge pin .

On the one hand, this results in significant cost advantages compared to conventional screw-on hinges with hinge pins. On the other hand, the design enables tool-free assembly within a few seconds. To do this, the two identical hinge halves are first inserted into each other in the 270° position.

Then the fitter brings the assembled hinge halves into the intended 180° position. Both halves are already firmly connected to each other, even without a hinge pin. In the 180° position, the hinge is now fixed to the intended application area with countersunk screws.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can supply the hinge already pre-assembled or as individual hinge halves for the self-assembly – it is available in three different sizes: 60 x 60 mm (M8), 50 x 50 mm (M6) and 40 x 40 mm (M5).