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New locks, handles, hinges and gasket website compliments 2017/2018 catalogue

New locks, handles, hinges and gasket website at EMKA UK

Once again in keeping with our motto “Everything but the Enclosure”, as market leader we here at EMKA have relaunched our website covering enclosure and cabinet hardware – from locks and swinghandles to hinges, handles and gasket sealing profiles.

The fresh new design website at www.emka.com is technically state-of-the-art with search engine optimisation and presentation in 10 languages to ensure that customers can find it and navigate easily.

We have ensured that the full range of functionality is available including download of CAD drawings for direct integration into customers’ designs and download of catalogues, including those for specific industrial sectors.

In addition this new design is responsive to desktops and all mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

An augmented search facility is provided to enable customers to quickly and easily find what they need.