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Home New Locking Solutions Guide for Commercial Vehicles

New Locking Solutions Guide for Commercial Vehicles

New EMKA locking solutions for Commercial vehicles

EMKA have long seen ourselves market leaders in the field of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for both innovation and quality of engineering, so we are now delighted to announce updated guidance at the www.emka.co.uk website for design and production engineers working in the Commercial Vehicle industry.

EMKA locking solutions are of value for applications far removed from general industry, switch or control cabinets – especially for commercial vehicles, niche service vehicles such as horseboxes and caravans where closure and locking systems must blend into or be concealed from the visible surface for safety or aesthetic reasons. At the same time, these fittings feature high functionality, reliability and security allied to exceptional quality.

Our recently enhanced website offers guidance to this comprehensive product range of locking solutions for Commercial vehicles, characterized by modular design, versatility and high quality. The range includes locking solutions for utility vehicles like trucks, busses, mobile homes or trailers ​​ in compliance with the​ special ​requirements​ and standards of ​the​ sector. ​For example, DIN EN 61373 vibration-proof designed locks, undetachable foamed seals, in various materials and surface finishes, are available as standard products. They are supported by an experienced custom design/engineering team of great value since application-specific designs are a common requirement for commercial vehicles.

The EMKA engineering team has built their product portfolio around items such as the ePush lock (invisibly installed to open/close by simple push on the panel), an innovative compression latch with status indicator flap, 90° 3D hinges or specialized 180° gear hinges, gasketing for fire protection and special products like an eCam electromechanical latch and a new emergency hammer.

In our corporate Technology Centre 30 design engineers focus on the commercial vehicle sector to convert ideas into finished products and have so far tailored around 20,000 innovative locking solutions and gasketing profiles, that have been intensely tested in our internal test lab and taken into production.