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Home New Emergency Hammer – an indispensable lifesaver

New Emergency Hammer – an indispensable lifesaver

EMKA emergency hammer

As prominent suppliers to the specialist vehicle industry, here at EMKA we have introduced a new advance on the traditional design of emergency hammer for breaking tempered and laminated glass, as well as insulating glass.

Emergency hammers are a familiar sight in buses or trains, where they are located ready to use and clearly visible right next to the windows. In case of an accident or emergency, they help to break the window glass to allow trapped passengers to escape. The new EMKA emergency hammer is made of fibre-glass-reinforced plastic with hardened steel tip and complies with the relevant fire protection standards. The optional belt cutter is indispensable for the proper use in all vehicles with safety belts to cut straps with locked or trapped mechanisms.

This new design features a large convenient grip and is offered in three versions – two of which provide a hand protection grip. The range includes a simple holder or a security holder with extensible/retractable steel retaining cable.