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New Anti-Vandal Electronic Latch

Single point electronic latch from EMKA UK

Aware of the increasing need in cabinet security – such as street furniture – for fully concealed latching with remote access control and logging – we are delighted to introduce the new Program 3000 single point electronic latch. This unit is installed completely within the housing so ensuring discrete and fully concealed operation. Remote activation for access is coupled with simple push-shut closure and accommodates high levels of pre-load pressure from gasket compression.

The whole latch with operating mechanism is a compact 96x72x24mm making it convenient for a variety of applications including 19” racks, parcel boxes, electrical charging stations, telecom pillars, medical cabinets, tool lockers etc.

Activation of the Program 3000 latch may be by keypad, laptop or other device including integration with our own ELM system for remote release/access control and access logging.

Contact us to discuss how the program 3000 latch may meet your electronic access needs.