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Home New 2021 main catalogue covers Ingenious Locking Technology for cabinets and enclosures

New 2021 main catalogue covers Ingenious Locking Technology for cabinets and enclosures

New EMKA 2021 main catalogue covers Ingenious Locking Technology

For specialist panel builders and installers, our latest must-have 2021 main catalogue covers the broad program of ingenious locking technology hardware for industrial cabinets and enclosures. It is available online and as hardcopy and gives an overview of the EMKA standard locks, handles, hinges, gaskets, and swinghandles – in fact pretty much “everything but the enclosure”.

This new main catalogue reflects recent product groups of special interest such as hardware selection for Gensets, Sealing profiles for special applications, Swinghandle locking solutions for switch and control cabinets, vandal-resistant locking for Telecommunications and other outdoor cabinets, and Railway specific hardware.

In addition to standard stock items in EMKA modular designs, the new catalogue describes how they are constantly addressing custom versions of locks, handles, hinges, gasket, and swinghandles for special applications, such as a very unusual passenger catamaran produced for use in France – where EMKA demonstrated their ability to create rapid concept samples through to finished installation. Specialist industry-specific catalogues are also available, as are production capability brochures which demonstrate EMKA’s custom manufacturing facilities.

The new 2021 main catalogue also references hygienic locking systems and FDA compliant gasket for food and medical/pharmaceutical uses as well as standard variants for the general building industry. Important products are included also for the HVACR industries where the EMKA in-house testing facilities prove especially valuable.