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More on Agent E

EMKA Agent E remote key and handlesOur Agent E range represents a new approach to the electronic lock solution for cabinet security comprising a unitary electronic release swing handle with battery power – so simplifying installation while enabling either individual radio key unlocking or central operation. This radio-controlled swing handle program does not need hard wiring and may be installed on individual cabinets or large applications with many suites of cabinets. The  Agent-E Manager remote software offers the possibility of wireless data transfer via an integral radio module whereby data can be transferred to a control station and/or master office. This enables the release of handles to be actioned remotely as well as control event logging. In a retro-fit application for example it is a simple matter to replace the existing mechanical lock with an electronic swing handle with no wiring necessary. This is possible because of the low consumption technology which allows two AAA batteries to last approximately 3 to 4 years in normal use. The EMKA Agent E wireless lock program may be initialised and updated via laptop or handheld PC whereby the associated software changes and protocol updates can be effected.

The Agent E Wireless lock system from EMKA is ideal for integrating decentralised single cabinets into a core access control system with easy expandability into additional later installation equipment or for retrofit to update old equipment for integration within an updating program.

The system is upgradable from Basic to Professional and Superior. Basic operation is by means of a personal micro transmitter – similar to a car radio-key – which is configurable to a master key plan and offers USB memory download of who, when, where. In addition online systems enable remote configuration of all handles, reading of door status, remote handle opening and event memory readout. For detailed application and configuration contact us for further information.