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Manufacturing in a renaissance

Hardware for Commercial Vehicles brochure

For the past year or 2 there have been signs of some regrowth in UK manufacturing – and now we see that for 2011 the UK’s car manufacturing sector rose by 5.8% of which a wapping 81.6% went for export – and lifting the whole picture for UK industry. Once again the UK industrial sector is leading the way – we can only hope that this is not a short term boom but a longer term steady growth.

Against this background it is great news that we have recently launched our new range of Vehicle Accessories – including emergency safety hammers, door handles, luggage compartment handles, latches, stowage nets, cupholders, strike plates, toggles, and air vents – which are already being well received by existing customers and new ones – who we are pleased to welcome, and look forward to doing business with.
Click here to download our range catalogue, or click here to contact us for further information, RFQ etc.