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Low cost FORT locks

EMKA FORT budget locks

We are delighted to have in our portfolio the FORT range of general hardware low cost quarter turn locks for office furniture, cupboards, alarms, lockers, toolboxes etc from the EMKA global group of companies.

The Fort range includes barrels, cam-locks and special locks with the unique and flexible Fort key system and using standard UK mounting hole dimensions of 16.6 x 19.1mm.  There are 500 key combinations available for popular styles such as the K8, K9 and K10 locks.  The range offers many variants of barrel length, cam type and key rotation (¼ or ½ turn) as well as key removal possibilities in four different modes.  These allow the key to be retained or removed in either open, closed or locked positions.

Cylinders may be mounted with a back-nut or by means of a spring slide clip for speed and simplicity.  It is also possible to specify lock barrels sealed against adverse weather conditions.

The full Fort programme includes a number of hand knob latches and recessed cabinet handles.  Made to measure custom barrels are also possible in standard diameters of 10mm, 12mm and 13.5mm. A French language catalogue is available here. For help in selecting a Fort lock to meet your needs please contact us here.