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Long and variable length handles and hand rails

1095 grab rail handle system from EMKA UK

Our 1095 grab rail handle system provides very long grab handles, or static hand rails of adjustable lengths, with extra supports for additional strength. These handles are easy to use with gloved hands or from a variety of operator positions and angles.

A 1095 tubular handle spreads the load and stiffens large flexible panels so they can be lifted from one single position or can enable more than one operator to lift large heavy panels if necessary. They are suitable as grab rails or for guards, covers, inspection panels, e.g. feed guards or heavy machine covers.

1095 handle tube is of 30mm o.d. black coated steel available in standard lengths up to 5m – it is supported by black polyamide end brackets and intermediate supports at 90° or 35° for angled applications where required for easier access. CAD drawings may be downloaded from www.emka.com/uk_en/products/cad-files/.