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Home Locking systems with swinghandle, lifthandle or escutcheon

Locking systems with swinghandle, lifthandle or escutcheon

Most comprehensive swinghandle system from EMKA for cabinets large or small

EMKA enclosure and cabinet locking Systems include both round and flat Rod Controls – with both screw on and weld on possibilities, multiple length options and quick installation designs. Rod systems enable multi-point door closure together with the full range of EMKA swinghandles as well as T and L handles if required. Rods may be cut to required length with a number of rod actuating mechanisms to permit preferred operation and cost levels.

Swinghandle programs include nine different design styles available in  zinc die, polyamide and stainless steel – all offering the benefits of smooth presentation for safety and aesthetics as well as the operator comfort of a pop out lever handle plus the rugged security of high IP sealing and small gaps to deter vandalism.

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