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Home Locking systems for large control cabinets – a modular/custom approach

Locking systems for large control cabinets – a modular/custom approach

EMKA custom modular locking systems

The basic rule for all control cabinets is that the components inside, especially sensitive electronic components, must be protected. However, there are significant differences, especially in the locking systems used. When special customer requirements have to be met, standardised locking systems sometimes reach their limits. Here, our customised locking systems can offer the right solution.

In this example, a swing handle is mounted on the door, which drives two locking bars inside the door – using either a drive or a locking cam. These systems compress the door seal and ensure a secure closure. EMKA has developed a unique compression latch system with multiple interlocking for closures inside the door seal. If using a rotating movement of a compression latch of only 90° –usually 180° – the door closes at several locking points. These locking points are flexible and can be placed on only one rod. The vertically distributed locking points can be extended to additional horizontal points with a specially developed corner deflection. The compression extends up to 18 mm with these innovative multi-locking systems compared to the standard stroke of 6 mm. This pulls the entire door evenly into the door‘s seal and thus ensures the door is firmly closed, even if the internal pressure is high. In addition, the compression latch function prevents the door from popping open and relieves the pressure.

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