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Home Last Minute Adjustment with Program 1056 2D Nuts

Last Minute Adjustment with Program 1056 2D Nuts

Emka 1353 2D adjustable nuts

How often do you find you need just a little adjustment to make a panel fit just so, but can’t face the re-work? Well, courtesy of the EMKA Program 1056 2D Nut, now you can make that adjustment easily. Simply open up the hinge mounting holes to 10mm dia and fit new M6 caged slide nuts  – these allow +/-2mm adjustment 360º around the hole centre so hinges, catches, handles, cover stays, door stops and slam locks can be moved up, down, or diagonally over a 4mm range to ensure a perfect fit and seal.

Program 1056 2D nuts are a simple push fit in M10 hole and accept standard M6 screws as used on most critical fit cabinet equipment. In fact the added flexibility provided is useful for any M6 screw mount accessory and is especially useful for large equipment doors where maintenance of close tolerances or sagging in service can cause problems aesthetically and/or with sealing.