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Home LAN Based Control Cockpit – real time Data Centre cabinet security software

LAN Based Control Cockpit – real time Data Centre cabinet security software

Cabinet security software from EMKA UK for electronic locking and monitoring

Our newly launched Control Cockpit software adds an upper level of oversight to the much expanded Electronic Locking and Monitoring (ELM) product portfolio for Data Centres, making it possible to manage all the elements and analysis of recorded parameters for up to 50 separate ELM systems. So long as these systems are accessible on the company LAN, this allows allocation of access rights to data and control cabinet locks, assignment of groups, setting of limits for sensors and enabling alarms.

The Control Cockpit deals with all ELM lock elements such as keypad/PIN, card reader (Legic©, HID), GSM/mobile phone and remote opening, as well as the recently released BioLock fingerprint scanner swinghandle and AGENT E wireless program.

User configurable screens enable simple presentation of required information, e.g. determining thermal load of a cabinet with historical or current data graphs. Event archiving from all systems is loaded onto a common database.

Because the EMKA Control Cockpit is licensed as a server application in the communication component, the Control Cockpit software can even be installed in as many places as desired where there is access to the central database. The data transmission taking place within the network is encrypted and the open database structure of the Control Cockpit allows for easy integration into higher-level systems with SQL interface.

Contact us now to discuss how the EMKA Control Cockpit can be configured in your Data Centre security.