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In-house initial sample production and testing

EMKA custom mould testing

Initial sample production at EMKA is carried out directly after mould-making on one of the many high-quality production machines which are also used for series production. From one single source: initial sample production in real-life production with no time lapses needed to allow for correction and transport loops between mould making and production.

The tests of an initial sample are carried out with the help of ultra-modern devices, by trained employees of the quality assurance department. In this way, we can guarantee quality down to the smallest detail. Supported by many years of experience, our team ensures that mould and machine form a perfect match and that all parameters are coordinated. The entire process is carefully documented so that the necessary settings for series production are directly available to the customer.
After the customer has approved the mould, series production can begin – either at the customer‘s or directly at EMKA‘s site!