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Hygiene gaskets for HVAC and Food industries

EMKA hygiene gaskets for HVAC and Food industries

As leading gasket providers to specialist panel builders for the HVAC and Food industries we at EMKA UK offer a range of gasket profiles to meet the particular requirements of these industries in terms of their sealing capabilities and their specific hygiene characteristics. These profiles are covered by guideline 6022 issued by the VDI association which describes the minimum hygienic standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our 6022 program gaskets enable system builders to meet these requirements for planning, installation, operation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems in order to guarantee a suitable hygienic condition of the system as well as the outside air inlets for the air-conditioned premises.

These 6022 gasket profiles are suited to use by builders, architects, engineers, ventilation planners, manufacturers of air-conditioning systems, machine builders, authorising bodies, operators, service companies, stakeholders of room users (e.g. staff associations or committees as well as company physicians and public health officers).

In line with the latest engineering and production practices, these sealing profiles are intended to guarantee precise operation and longevity of ventilation and air-conditioning systems by positive installation, using either self-clamping edge fitting or U channel mounting within the door where they enable the system to run at overpressure without loss. They therefore maintain dust and other pollutants within the filter pathway where they can be effectively removed before air is delivered into the workplace or public areas. In addition they contain anti-bacterial and other additives preventing the spreading of bacteria, spores, fungi, mould and viruses in addition to their normal sealing properties.

Related hygiene gasket profiles for the food industry (in silicone) are certified according to FDA or by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and are resistant to sterilising agents, vapour and concentrated cleaning agents, in order to meet the demands of frequent cleaning and sterilising demanded by this high stress application and the level of wear and tear this implies. Contact us for details.