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HVACR cabinet handles – specialist hardware – specialist installations

EMKA HVACR cabinet handles - specialist hardware - specialist installations

As a world-wide market leader in enclosure and cabinet hardware under the banner “Everything but the Enclosure”, we are used to producing high quality niche components from our EMKA engineers. These ingenious locking technology products for HVACR systems fulfil our expectations in this respect.

We are delighted to offer in particular the advanced crossover compression latch/hinge which manages to combine both functions on the one product – so enabling L or R opening or complete panel removal, with the added safety of pressure relief and the added performance of a 5mm gasket compression feature. Designed especially for positive/negative pressure systems, the 1091 latch hinge is a primary example of a specific need being met with ingenious technology.

Our wider HVACR handle range now includes many L handles for inward or outward opening doors – with internal emergency opening and long latch shafts to suit extra-thick insulated doors. Extra-long handles for use with gloved hands and surface mounted cam latches compliment the package to ensure the highest specification compliance of HVACR systems