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How long is your product life cycle?

EMKA cabinet and enclosure hardware developments

It is easy to be taken in by the internet frenzy of retail and tech marketing to think that only the latest and most revolutionary product will do – the latest style, the latest materials, the lowest cost – or the highest. All implying that product life cycles are measured in just a few years or even months, largely dependent on fluctuating fashion. However in some industries a much longer sweep of evolution occurs – with developmental processes constantly refining the product over decades. One such industry is the one producing specialist enclosures and cabinets.

The need to house and protect equipment predates the industrial revolution and the need for secure hardware such as locks and hinges predates the Romans – EMKA products have a slightly shorter lineage than that but are nonetheless securely rooted in the needs of the electrical and electronic industries. Quarter turn locks and lift off hinges are functionally unchanged from their introduction and often are like for like replaceable as industry standards and practices have built up around enclosure hardware ensuring that our customers know what they are getting and can rely on simplicity of ordering, quality of product and reliability of service.

One thing our customers can be certain of is the dedication of our engineers to continued evolutionary development of design, materials and production – with some revolution of technology built in when applications call for it such as swinghandles and biolocks.