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High street down – manufacturing up?

New locks, hinges and sealing options

It feels like Manufacturing industry has been out of sync with the high street for a very long time – since the 70s this has been the case – there seems to be a lag whereby when the high street is squealing about “lack of interest” – and even the stock markets are bemoaning “lack of sentiment” – while we in manufacturing are on the up part of the up/down cycle. It can be worrying until you get used to it. Switching focus can feel like a roller coaster ride.

So it seems to be again – if you believe the media then the whole world is against us, Brexit is generating exchange rate problems, the political sphere is in a tissy – and yet quietly getting on with it manufacturing companies are reporting 10 or 20 percent growth – even the ones dependent on importing components.

So we here at EMKA will continue to focus on comprehensive stocking and quick delivery – providing the best in service to our customers. You probably know we offer high quality enclosure hardware products at competitive prices – our service is just as good.

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