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Heavy duty latches for 3 point cabinet locking systems

EMKA heavy duty latches for 3 point cabinet locking systems

Our EMKA heavy duty range of latches for cabinets provide robust 3 point locking for heavy or large format cabinet doors, such as used for machine controls or power distribution in industrial/engineering environments. These heavy duty latch mechanisms are available for screw-on or weld-on fitment with roller ended round rods running in either weld-on or quick-fit plastic rod guides. Latch mechanisms are manufactured in steel with zinc die components which offer both strength and longevity.

This system provides robust closure and accepts the normal range of quarter-turn locks with standard inserts, e.g. square, triangular, double bar, as well as both T and L handles with profile cylinder locks.

A hook latch and square rod option is available to suit special requirements as are motor industry (FIAT and Daimler Benz) lock standards.