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Home Hardware packages for specialist industries – railway and related commercial vehicles

Hardware packages for specialist industries – railway and related commercial vehicles

EMKA hardware packages for specialist industries – railway and related

The arduous nature of railway carriage and lineside applications ensures a high degree of overlap with other industries such as agriculture, commercial vehicles and marine, which call for similar product characteristics.

As a long-time system-partner of these industries, we now offer a comprehensive range of innovative locking solutions – which is also of value to all these industries. This range of ​locking/hinging​ systems​ are compliant ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ railroad sector ​and ​meet ​the​ relevant ​standards. ​In ​addition,​ we can provide individual special product solutions in consultation with our customers.

Standard rail and related products include a compression latch with protective dust cap/flap and optical opening indicator​ clearly visible due to this 90° flap which closes automatically and incorporates a flat seal to cushion the flap and prevent damage to the door​. Andy Billingham – MD here at EMKA UK – points out that our quarter turn railway locks are in conformity with RIC and mount outside the gasket, and match a standard 25 mm door return with cam and catch available in zinc die or AISI 316.

We are pleased to inform that for the same applications our 90° 3D Hinge is a space-optimized, solid concealed hinge for vehicle ramps and flaps, with Integrated 3D adjustment and low mounted height which is suitable for commercial vehicles where an opening angle of 90°is required.

Our engineers at EMKA are likewise justly proud of their compact and concealed Gear hinge which provides a 180° opening angle for doors and flaps of up to 40 kg (4 hinges), when mounting into wall and door panels, and the companion IP65 Safety latch lock with red-green marking which is both tamper and vibration proof in a flush mounted assembly.

A further useful accessory in the rail related range is the Stainless steel IP66 protective escutcheon with cover made of stainless steel AISI 316 – resistant to non-oxidizing acids and to pitting corrosion. It has foam gasket seals and is particularly suitable for outer panelling – IP66 is achieved by firm closure of the flap.