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Going Green – Good for the Planet, Good for our Customers

EMKA are going green which is god for the planet and good for the customer

Here at EMKA we believe that going green is good business for everyone. By reducing inputs and maximising efficiency we not only reduce waste, energy consumption and pollution – we also keep prices down. By designing products and processes better we can raise quality and reduce cost.

So, as Andy Billingham MD explains: “We are constantly looking for new materials and ways of working smarter in our production cycles in order to be more competitive in the marketplace – a green competitive edge that we pass on to our customers. Like handling our own zinc recycling to reduce energy consumption, like replacing zinc die parts with high-spec plastics to again reduce energy and to improve recycling.”

Other aspects of the green program at here at EMKA include use of heat exchangers in the factory with winter/summer modes saving on heat in winter and air conditioning in summer and a chemical extraction post process that is complimented by water recycling, leading to reduced and cleaner waste output. These programs, taken together, reduce consumption of energy and materials, putting the resources where they are needed – into the products – not the external environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint as a supplier feeds through the supply chain reducing the carbon footprint of our customers in the aggregation of their components, as well as advancing the technologies needed to offer better components at better prices. This green agenda supports improved customer performance.

By rationalising parts and products, we are reducing duplication in R&D, in supply chain logistics, in production cycles and handling systems – saving energy, saving waste, saving inventory costs and enabling our customers to do the same.

Andy expressed the view: “We recognise that as a supplier we form part of our customers’ green agenda – and part of their profitability profile. It is simply a matter of finding the most efficient use of resources taking a product life cycle perspective.

When we save costs, that enables our customers to save costs, it enables us both to be more competitive. So a green agenda serves everyone – and helps to reduce the burden we all place upon the planet so that it can be passed on to future generations.”