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Home Gaskets and Profiles for Specialist Vehicle Sealing – new catalogue

Gaskets and Profiles for Specialist Vehicle Sealing – new catalogue

Gaskets and extruded profiles from EMKA UK for specialist vehicle sealing

Gasket sealing of doors, panels and windows for specialist vehicles is addressed in our latest Transport Solutions catalogue. Six categories of moulded sealing strips are described to match the functions commonly found on special or custom build road and rail vehicles, i.e. glazing profiles, self-gripping, fire protection, EMC shielding, edge protection and tank support bands. These are common requirements for emergency service vehicles, caravans/motor homes, trucks, coaches, rail carriages and control cabinets to mention just a few applications.

EMKA glazing profiles in EPDM feature a conventional locking strip to ensure secure location. Self-gripping P type and blade/wiping sections are in EPDM or NBR to appropriate UL standards. Of particular note is the fire protecting range in EPDM and silicon covering many different national fire protection standards including DIN, NF, CEN, UNI, ASTM and SMP and of especial relevance to railway installations.

EMC gasketing profiles feature an anti-static silicon P section and a fully sheathed conductive type over an EPDM core, coupled with an EMC conductive tape system for masking the matching contact area.

PVC and EPDM edge protection in a variety of forms serve to protect users from sharp edges and metalwork from collateral damage, where doors and panels are closed onto painted services. Similarly, EPDM tank band support sections provide cushioning protection between tanks for diesel, water, hydraulic oil etc. and their mounting straps to ensure integrity of the installation. The catalogue can be downloaded at www.emkablog.co.uk/road&railcatalogue